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Want to Import from China?

As the best China sourcing company, we help you find factories, get competitive prices, follow up production, ensure quality and deliver products to the door.

Importing from China to the world can be confusing, as it might be unclear exactly how much transportation fees will be, how long shipping will take, what the most cost-effective transport method is, how much you will be charged taxes and duties, and how to rapidly clear customs.

Let us worry about these tasks for you! Our team of experts can deal with all of these aspects, while providing constant advice and guidance, so you’ll always be in the loop. We provide reliable, cost-effective logistics services to companies with unique shipping needs.

               How do we help you sourcing?

We provide following services:

Product Sourcing, Manufacturing consulting

Product sample customization

Import & export, compliance consulting

Product quality inspection

Free warehouse in China (1-2 months)

Arrange low cost shipping to door

Price negotiation with suppliers

Production follow up

Custom packaging, private label

Free product photography

1 by 1
product inspection

Graphic design for packagings, labels

How Can We Fast Grow Your Business?

FreightVP Sourcing Group is not only a China sourcing company, but your long term partner. For different business models, we will aim our business to support best of your needs.

Small company

If you are able to invest over $400 on an product, we can help find competitive factory to make your products, customize packagings, and achieve your personal brand dreams.


We can serve all your ecommerce requirements, including private labeling, FNSKU stickers, shipping to Amazon FBA warehouse, dropshipping from China for you shopify store.

Product Development

If you have a product idea but don’t know how to get it started, we will help up step by step and grow your business.

Why Choose FreightVP Instead of Others

High responsibility for quality assurance

We take product quality seriously for our clients. For free inspection, we check higher percentage than 3rd party inspection companies. In addition, we offer full inspection for reduce defect rate to 0. But other sourcing companies won’t.

Competitive Price for wide range of products

Helping clients get good product price is one of keypoints to make our clients competitive in market. A lot of sourcing companies use low service fee to attract new clients, but quote expensive product price. But we are open and encourage our clients to do product price comparison, to ensure they are always getting competitive quote from us.

Taking clients seriously, looking for long term relationship.

We take our clients seriously, even their orders are small, because we want long term relationship. If you receive defect products, we do best to get you all kinds of compensation to reduce your lost. But other Chinese suppliers or sourcing companies are always negetive to compensation.

Professional Chinese team with over 50 people

Our company has over 50 employees, and all of them have years of China sourcing experiences for wide range of products. But most other sourcing companies are less than 10 people team, with real expertise in less categories.

Various services to help your business grow fast

For supporting large scaled or fast growing companies, we can offer many extra services like assigning up to 20 people team for support, credit payment after receive goods, and more.

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