Full Range FBA Prep Services
For Your FBA Business

We have a basic set of services that will be needed by every customer and addons.

Free FBA Prep Services

Our Basic Set Of Services For Every one of Our Customer

Pick Up Your Goods

If your goods are from suppliers in Shenzhen and Dongguan, we pick-up it up for free. If your product is manufactured outside of these areas, you can have your suppliers to ship to our warehouse.

Carton Inspection

We will check your packaging conditions for any issues upon arrival and notify you if any damages.

14 Days Storage

If you have multiple suppliers and need to ship the goods together, we offer up to 14 days of free storage. We can combine goods from the supplies and send it through the same shipment to save cost time for you


Add On Services

Our Over and Above Services for Your Other Needs

FNSKU Labeling

We will print and stick FNSKU labeling for every item or poly bag for your orders. In addition, we will add labels to your master cartons.


Bundle same or different products into one package. This is a commonly used method to add value to your products.


We can put together your product with your customized packaging to make it end user ready.


Warning and Other Labels

We will print and attach suffocation warning labels or Made in China stickers to every item or polybag in your order.

Poly Bagging

We will put each product into an FBA-approved polybag. This is required if you have any loose items,  or items that can come apart.

Marketing Materials

Open each of your packages, insert instruction manual, thank you cards or other marketing materials into your package.

Pricing Of Services

Check Out Our Affordable Prices

Basic Service





Free pick up from Shenzhen and Dongguan

Up to 14 Days Storage


USD4.9/CBM/Month for storage beyond 14 days

Carton Inspection


Check if any damaged cartons

Addon Service



FNSKU Labeling


We print and stick FNSKU labels on each of your package

Suffocation warning and other labeling


We print and stick labels on your package

Marketing and product inserts


Insert materials offered by your side



Bundling items in a set


Less than 3 items per bundle. USD0.05 per extra item

Warehouse Storage


For storage over 14 days



Priced case by case.Please contact us to get a quote

How Do We Prep?

Our four step process that we use to make sure your product reaches Amazon safely

Set up an Assistance Account

By providing access to your seller central account,We can get access to print FNSKU labels, provide box details such as weight, dimension, content and print box labels to complete your work. 

Create A Shipping Plan

Create a shipping plan from your  Amazon Seller Central account.  List your products and quantities. That's it! Amazon automatically saves your plan. And we will take it from there.

Send Us Your Instructions

Fill out this form to arrange a pickup or ask your supplier send your goods to our warehouse. And tell us your detailed prep instructions.

We Prep Your Goods

We start the prepping based on your requests as soon as the good arrives in our warehouse. Once we are done with your prepping, we will ship it to Amazon warehouse or wait for your further instructions.

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