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COVID-19 Update

Updated: Mar 8


The thought of Covid-19 and how it can disrupt your life in an instant can eat you up emotionally, mentally, and physically. The coronavirus scare has been spreading like wildfire and disrupting routines and lives.

FreightVP is very careful with sharing information and wants to contribute mainly to providing factual guides and tips to help our clients, followers, and staff to protect themselves from the Covid-19. We have responsibly sourced this blog from legitimate and credible channels or organizations that would help prevent the spread of Covid-19 without adding up to the chaos and scare tactic that bombards social media today. Keep safe everyone! We can move your product safer than anyone! We can provide professional packaging, labeling, custom clearance, and product inspection etc. Shoot us a message today!

Shipment is not able to call on ports just yet. In the same way, inland and air freight are on a freeze and can’t move products or raw materials. Production, as well as the export or movement of goods or commodities, has largely felt a major setback.

Transport restrictions have been put in place due to the coronavirus alert. This has been a major blow to the trading industry as it faces its biggest financial slump so far.

This health or medical pandemic has caused massive and expensive chaos to businesses worldwide. The big players may be able to thrive but the smaller ones may be facing a challenging ordeal with this Covid-19 paralyzing shipping and freight forwarding services altogether.

Are we in doom? Not likely. Businesses have faced many huge downfalls or hurdles in the past years. Economies may have waged wars against each other or with Covid-19. But FreightVP, as well as other international logistics company in the industry, aren’t shaken a bit.

We, FreightVP, as professional freight forwarder, do care about your cargo, we ship every request as usual.


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