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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Why do I even need an inspection? Can I ship my products to Amazon without Inspection?

You NEED inspection.

Why? Because:

1. Amazon may suspend your product listing

This one is very obvious. 

If you send low quality products, people will refund them and you basically lose money.

If your refund rate goes over 10% or more - depending on your product category - Amazon will suspend your listing and send you a warning. You may have to pull all the inventory out from Amazon to separate the defects. Then ship them back to Amazon. Doing this will eat all your profit margin, so you will be forced to just dispose the products. And even disposal is not free. 

So just hire a pre-shipment inspector and avoid all this. Like freightvp.

2. The nature of manufacturing process always yields some defects

Manufacturing process involves a lot of manual work, and people make mistakes.

It also involves machinery work, and machines do not watch for defects.

It's just a nature of life - not all things come out to be perfect. There is always a small defect rate in any manufacturing process.

3. Supplier may cut corners. There are lots of scams.

You probably received a few high quality samples. Looking at them, it seems like you made a great choice selecting a manufacturer, and you're ready to trust them. The real product can't be so different from the sample anyway..

Well.. there are many companies on Alibaba, who are not manufacturers themselves - they are trading companies. They resell from factories via Alibaba, as a third party reseller. Usually they try to hide the fact that they do not have their own factory, to keep you as a customer. Trading companies try to save money every way possible, and it's quite common that they send you a high quality sample for approval, while the actual shipment has low quality

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