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What Freightvp provides you as one of the best Amazon FBA prep center

Amazon FBA freight forwarder in china

Do you have an eCommerce store and you are looking for a right Amazon FBA prep center in China? Or if you are working on the amazon and want to deliver your products with the freight forwarder that takes care of the sensitive product, then is your best choice, and you will not regret your decision. Because a freight forwarder has great importance in delivering products at customer doorstep.

Freightvp is the best shipping solution in china with better handling of products in affordable pricing. All amazon FBA product handling, labelling and product inspection is our duty. You are free from all product handling you only have to focus on your sales and marketing.

If you are selling little products before and now you want to send contains to Amazon FBA warehouse, or somewhere else in the whole world, your loyal and trustable partner will be Freightvp. With that, if you are a new seller and want to send your products in small crates or boxes then do not worry about the product with Freightvp, your product always remains in safe hands.

We are working as a shipping solution in china as a shipping agent who delivers your products to Amazon FBA. No one can beat their fantastic services because they are giving sampling, manufacturing consultant and ship consultant services in free. Freightvp gives a packaging that is accepted by amazon. As everyone knows, amazon has stringent packaging requirement.

Can I send my parcel directly to amazon FBA?

If you are a common man and do not know the knowledge of the strict rules of amazon FBA, then it is recommended to hire Freightvp service. Because amazon FBA has stringent rules if you will not follow them, FBA will reject your product and send back to you, which becomes very costly for you.

If Amazon FBA accepts your product sample, then congratulations your product is ready to sale now you have to focus on the marketing and work hard to boost your sales.

Freightvp has a professional team who are expert in presenting a product that amazon FBA accept. With that amazon FBA freight forwarder has licensed appointment to send the item on their warehouse. Sellers shipping cost will be less by using Freightvp service.

In the pandemic, situation amazon becomes the most extensive company and have more sales than before. There are too many online eCommerce sites for which you can avail our services. Airfreight, sea freight, local car drive transportation at the doorstep is also available. Once the seller sends its products safely to Freightvp, then the company ensure to drop the product at its destination safely. It the product will damage then the company have to pay for it.

How freightvp pack the amazon FBA products?

They provide our services to all country Amazon FBA warehouse. If the packaging or labelling is not up to the mark, then the FBA warehouse returns the product, and the shipment cost more. You need a company that has a professional expert in handling and packaging of the product. An experienced employee who has experience of working in amazon FBA can train the newbies well. Freightvp trained their employees to follow the rules and regulation passed from amazon FBA strictly.

n Freightvp pack your product with polybags and label your products. Amazon FBA accepts those products that have a specific barcode for each product.

n Amazon FBA quite appreciates packaging in a large box of the same products. They do customized packaging to make it easier to handle and ready to deliver to Amazon FBA warehouse.

n The product should contain an instruction manual card, freightvp also take care of these small details about the product before freight forwarding it to amazon FBA. It’s the reason freighvp considered as the best shipping solution in China.

How to send large products to FBA?

As Frieghtvp is the shipping solution in china, we are your shipping agent for larger products. Their shipping company is more affordable than others. They confidently guarantee you to provide best shipping agent to amazon FBA warehouse-like none other. No matter your product is large, small, sensitive or heavy, we care about your product and deliver to the destination cost-effectively. Freightvp are the best shipping solution available to you.

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